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Concrete pump hire in Stoke Mandeville is the fastest and most environmentally friendly way to transport concrete. It eliminates the mess and time involved with wheelbarrowing and ensures that the concrete is delivered to your aspired location. It is also the perfect solution if your site is inaccessible by vehicle.


Using a concrete pump to pour concrete is a great way to increase efficiency and productivity on your job site. However, it is not risk free and requires careful planning to avoid accidents and safety issues.

First, you should ensure that your concrete pump is on a level, safe space that can handle extended outriggers. It should also be away from power lines (more about that later) and excavations.

Second, make sure that your crew members have the proper training to use your concrete pump safely and correctly. It is especially important to ensure that your team has received electrical and power line safety training before operating your concrete pump.

One of the most dangerous aspects of using a concrete pump is the fact that the truck boom, chassis, remote control cable and steel-braided end hose are all excellent conductors of electricity. This is why the American Concrete Pumping Association recommends that booms never be used within 20 feet of power lines.


Concrete pumps are one of the most efficient ways to place concrete on a job site. They enable contractors to reach hard-to-reach places that are otherwise impossible or require a lot of labor.

They also save on wages by reducing the amount of time and labour required to pump concrete. Instead of using wheelbarrows to move the concrete around, the operator uses a concrete pump to deposit it in the exact location.

Boom pumps are particularly useful for taller forms, such as walls or pillars, that are difficult to fill with a mixer truck alone. The pump can move the concrete over obstacles, including tall buildings and bridges, with ease.

The type of pump used will depend on the mix types, the layout of the construction site and the distance needed to be pumped. Some models are multipurpose machines designed to churn out a variety of mixes while others are engineered for specific mix types, such as pea-rock concrete pumps or larger-sized aggregate pumps for higher-slump concretes.


Hiring a pump truck can make it much easier to complete a concrete pour. It eliminates the need to cart the concrete around in wheelbarrows, which is time-consuming and back-breaking.

You may also have to move the concrete to hard-to-reach spots, like over a wall or through an obstacle course. It is impossible for a mixer truck or skid steer to do this without a pump.

A concrete pump is a heavy piece of equipment that requires a skilled operator. The job of a concrete pump operator includes setting up the boom, monitoring and controlling the pump, and breaking down and cleaning the equipment at the end of the day.

The concrete pump is an essential part of any construction job, and it can save you time and money by making your job faster and more efficient. It also reduces labor costs because it eliminates the need for employees to cart wheelbarrows around and waste time.

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