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Guide to Hiring and Using Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps have gradually supplanted other conventional means of delivering liquid concrete for more than a half-century. A pump is ideal when you have a lot of concrete or need more time or personnel to utilize wheelbarrows on-site.

A concrete pump hire is appropriate if the concrete mixer truck cannot reach the region of the pour or if access is limited.

What sort of concrete pump hire do I need?

Concrete pumps are classified into line, boom, and static. Line Pumps transport concrete from the delivery truck to the job site through a network of pipes placed below the ground. They come with a licensed pump operator and a Linesman to help install/de-rig the line for more than 40m.

Pumps for Booms

Boom pumps employ a hydraulic arm with pipelines to reach up and over walls, homes, and barriers to distribute concrete to difficult-to-reach regions. A qualified pump operator supplies these.

Static pumps

Static pumps have a similar setup as Line pumps, but they may pump hundreds of meters distant from the pump, making them excellent for tunneling or high-rise construction. Static pumps must be hauled or delivered to their destination and do not come with operators.

How far can concrete be pumped?

Line pumps can cover lengths of up to 90m, but we can also offer High-Pressure Pumps that can reach distances of up to 150m.

Our boom pumps come in various sizes, ranging from 20m to 52m. They also all have 30m of pipe (steel and flexible) with them for extra horizontal reach. Static pumps can pump hundreds of meters afar.

What are the benefits of renting concrete pump hire?

Concrete may be put precisely where needed and must not be manhandled into position.

To disseminate the content, you will need fewer people on-site.

You'll save money on labor.

Per hour, far bigger amounts of concrete may be laid. Our static pumps can move more than 50m3 per hour and quickly reach the most significant high-rise structures.

Setup times are reduced. We'll need around an hour on-site to set up the pumps, and then we'll be good to go.

What more should I know/consider?

When you arrive, the pump preparation takes around an hour. Each concrete should be delivered once the operator has cycled the pump and informed them that it is ready to pump. Where practicable, the concrete will be laid utilizing the boom. The concrete crew must relocate the pipeline if a ground line is employed.

High-pressure concrete is pumped. All staff must be aware of the hazards and dangers of pressure-pumping concrete. When the truck mixer has discharged its cargo, the chutes will be cleaned before the mixer departs. The chutes must not be washed into the hopper since this may produce a clog and reduce the quality and strength of the concrete.

Supply conditions:

Ceredaconcreteservice provides equipment and plant by the CPA Model Conditions for Hiring Plant and the Supplementary Conditions for Concrete Pumping. These are available upon request and are discussed throughout the booking process.

Only under these circumstances are hires accepted.

The hirer must have insurance to cover any liabilities that may arise, including, but not limited to, damage caused when the pump is utilized in restricted locations.

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