Cereda Concrete Pump Service

Hire Concrete Mix Service

Technology of Concrete Pump

You only pay for what you lay – so it’s also a supremely cost effective concrete delivery service. Concrete line pump is mostly used because it is small and cheap compared to the crane pumps. Concrete line pump is the best way of placing the concrete where you want it. It is also the easiest and quickest way of moving concrete from A to B.

Volumetric Concrete Mixers

To make life easier for our customers, we can organise concrete mix on site using a volumetric concrete mixer. This is beneficial for the customer as you will only pay for what you use and you won’t be left in a situation with too much or too little concrete.

If the place where you want to pour your concrete is away from the lorry at least 4 metres, we can help. Concrete pump line can save you time and money. We can go around buildings, through buildings, almost everywhere.

Why Pump Concrete?

- It's a modern alternative to wheelbarrows and skips

- More cubic metres of concrete can be placed per hour than other methods

- Concrete can be placed over, under, around or behind obstacles

- Ideal for hard-to-access areas

- Concrete can be placed in less than 6 minutes that will take other methods longer

- Eliminates the need for cranes, buckets, elevators and wheelbarrows

- Spills are minimised and our experienced operators are always safety conscious

- A mobile concrete pump can place concrete for new builds, footings, subsidence work, stairs, columns, beams, cellars, flooring, general building, slabs, extensions, bridges and swimming pools

Concrete Mix Service

Preparation for Concreting


We will need parking space for two large size vehicles,concrete pump and concrete lorry approximately 20m 1 OR 2 BAGS OF CEMENT (depends on how long is the run)


We can place the pipes on the side of the building or go thru the building,but all floors,door frame,etc.must be protected.


Before cleaning we recommend covering undereath the hopper (square pice of plastic 2m by 2m)

Concrete Mix Service

Pump Service

Sequence of Concrete Pump Service

- The pump will arrive and the operator will liaise with the contractor or homeowner before setting up the pump, pipeline (if required) and preparing the grout The concrete mixer truck will arrive and back onto the pump

- The pump operator will then grout the line and commence pumping

- The concrete will be placed into position using the boom where possible

- Where ground-line is used, the concreting gang will need to move the pipeline around as the pour progresses

- Cautionary note: Concrete is pumped at high pressure. All personnel should be made aware of the risks and dangers associated with end hose usage

- When the truck mixer has discharged its load, the mixer chutes will be cleaned before the mixer leaves. The chutes should not be washed into the hopper as this could cause a blockage and affect the quality of the concrete

- The next mixer will then arrive back on to the pump and discharge its load

- At the end of the pour, the pump operator will clean all the concrete from the pump and pipeline. This operation will take approximately one hour, more if the job involves a long pipeline

- The pump operator will then put the boom back into its travel position and load all the ancillary equipment onto the pump

- The job sheet will then be prepared for the contractor / homeowner to sign

- The pump will then leave site and travel back to the depot